About boscia


boscia (“BO-sha”) means BOtanical  SCIence with Advanced technology.

Originally developed in Japan 32 years ago and introduced to the United States in 2002, boscia is the world’s first 100% preservative-free skincare.

Our revolutionary skincare combines clinically-proven active botanical ingredients with cutting-edge Japanese technology for highly effective products that deliver dramatic, visible results, while remaining gentle on all skin types. boscia products are unique within the industry due to these masterful ingredient blends that provide unprecedented benefits, from increasing cell regeneration, improving elasticity, boosting radiance and evening skin tone, to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, treating acne, eliminating redness and improving overall skin health.

What we don’t put in our products is as important as what we do. To achieve superior results without compromising skin health (sensitive or otherwise), boscia products are formulated without the following:

  • Preservatives (boscia contains none of the 150 industry-recognized preservatives – not just parabens – that can irritate skin and cause blemishes, redness, eczema and more).
  • Ethanol alcohol
  • Bactericides
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic colorants
  • Mineral oil
  • Animal ingredients

What we do put in our products is time-tested, safe and ground-breaking: powerful botanicals used throughout the ages as remedies for skin reactions, and ahead-of-the-curve bioactive ingredients that rapidly show results.

boscia’s scientists have developed our proprietary “Botanical Blend,” the essential ingredient base formulated into every product. This incredibly effective and very specific mix of Jojoba Leaf and Willowherb helps solve the most common skin problems: dullness, dryness, fine lines, lack of firmness, blemishes and sensitivities. Jojoba Leaf is a phenomenal antioxidant that helps to prevent free radical damage caused by pollution, UV rays, and other environmental irritants. Willowherb extract is a natural skin-calming botanical that helps to alleviate inflammation and redness. Combining our exclusive blend with other super-charged ingredients guarantees that every boscia product delivers unparalleled results to all skin types, tones and textures.

Our manufacturing process guarantees purity. Every boscia product is created using a state-of-the-art Clean Room manufacturing facility where no human contact occurs. Our Clean Room manufacturing matches the quality levels required in pharmaceutical companies. An exclusive filtration system monitors the air constantly, keeping the air density at 1/10,000 of normal air. Pressure is used to keep the space bacteria-free, moving the air in only one direction to avoid recycled air. The raw materials are mixed, injected into containers, and sterilized again at high heat. This process is completely automated and controlled remotely. Through continuous random checking, the botanically-based boscia products stay completely bacteria-free, without the use of preservatives.

Airless packaging completes this highly innovative manufacturing process. boscia products are uniquely packaged using airless containers that reduce the potential for contamination of the product by interaction with hands, fingers and airborne particles. All boscia products have a minimum of a 24-month shelf-life.

Being the first comes with responsibility, and we take that very seriously. boscia pioneered preservative-free skincare long before it was “hip” to remove preservatives. We have always forged new paths, formulations, delivery systems and product categories.

Our commitment. We will continue to create innovative, 100% preservative-free skincare that translates into beautiful, healthy skin, free of irritation. Our customers can rest assured that our labs will uncover the newest, safest and most effective ingredients and formulas that defy trend and time. boscia wants skin to be beautiful, calm and protected, always. It’s as simple as the signature leaf on our package. No fluff, just pure benefits that you can see. 




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