3 Ways to Exfoliate Sans-Scrub

With summer hot on our heels, our skin needs a little extra TLC to keep us looking radiant and glowing! At boscia, we strive to achieve mochi hada, “baby soft” skin year round. One way to put your best face forward is through exfoliation. Exfoliation removes the uppermost layer of debris and dead skin to allow product to penetrate the newly revealed skin effectively and Exf Peel Gel_flippedprovide a smooth finish to the complexion. Skin tends to dry a little during the summer with the change in climate, causing a loss in radiance and moisture. Typical scrubs can often irritate or cause damage to overly sun-kissed skin. We have three of our favorite boscia products that exfoliate without harsh scrubbing and make summertime smoothness a breeze!

If you dream of skin as smooth as a polished pebble, our Exfoliating Peel Gel will fulfill your skincare wishes! This peeling gel instantly gratifies – within seconds of massaging the product into dry skin, particles of dead skin mixed with the fruit enzyme complex “peel” off of the face revealing renewed, smooth skin. Our innovative gel works amazingly before makeup application. Skin feels soft, smooth, and polished – the fundamentals of “bare skin beauty”, su hada be.

For those with drier skin types, our Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder imparts a hydrated radiance to the skin. Rice Bran powder coated in Tsubaki oil gently removes dry, dead skin and hydrates areas that need a little more moisture. We suggest mixing Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder with your favorite cleanser for an all-in-one cleanse, or with Tsubaki Beauty Oil for a deeply hydrating exfoliating treatment.

Our next undercover miracle worker provides gentle, yet thorough, exfoliation for not only the face, but every bit of the body! For those seeking the perfect summer glow, our Konjac Cleansing Sponge gently sloughs off dead skin on the face and on rougher areas of the body such as knees, elbows, and heels. Our sponge is gentle enough for the face, but thorough enough for tougher patches of skin on the body. Use the sponge before sunless tanning application to achieve a perfect glow every time. This insider trick prevents concentration of product on dead skin, and imparts smooth to the touch silkiness on areas beyond the face and décolleté.kon

Don’t forget to protect your fresh face with sunscreen! Our Daily Defense SPF 50 PA+++ provides all day broad spectrum protection, while many of our moisturizers include a broad spectrum SPF to keep skin protected from dusk til dawn.

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New Charcoal Innovations

Hi boscia beauties!

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: We’ve added 2 NEW additions to our Black Pore-Perfecting Collection! The Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment and Black Charcoal Cleansing Cloth are the newest innovations to add to your cleansing ritual!


Packed with activated bamboo charcoal to deeply cleanse and detoxify pores, these products are a must-have for drawing out dirt, oil, and impurities while minimizing pores! The Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment absorbs toxins and impurities leaving skin healthier, clearer, and more refined! Bamboo Charcoal acts as a natural antibacterial agent to deeply cleanse and detoxify pores, without irritation. Our Black Charcoal Cleansing Cloths, infused with a pore treatment blend of Charcoal Powder and Black Tea, absorb excess oil while minimizing pores – in one quick sweep!

Both products contain key ingredients like Glycolic Acid and Artichoke Leaf Extract which help to reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation to clarify and improve skin texture. And of course like most of our products, both products include our unique Proprietary Botanical Blend of Jojoba Leaf and Willowherb which helps calm skin inflammation and prevent free radical damage.

Using these products is just as simple as the ingredients that go into them. Check it out below:

How to use the Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment:

While holding stick upright, twist base counterclockwise to reveal one centimeter of the cleansing stick. Apply to a wet face. Next, massage the cleansing stick in a circular motion directly onto skin to create a creamy lather. Lightly massage skin with fingertips to activate formula to reach deep into pores.  Lastly, rinse face with water (and there you have it –instant gratification!).

How to use the Black Charcoal Cleansing Cloth:

Use the power of charcoal to wipe the day away! Incorporate these into your Japanese Cleansing Ritual as an added cleansing boost.  Gently massage a cloth over your face in a circular motion (be sure this is done on dry skin!). You will instantly feel refreshed! These are the perfect addition to your gym bag and before and after a flight!

Be sure to grab both of our newest innovations on boscia.com to see what all the rave is about! We love to hear your thoughts – what are your favorite products from our Black Pore-Perfecting Collection, let us know below!


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Skin Safety 101: National Sunscreen Day

In honor of National Sunscreen Day, we want to share boscia’s superstar skin saviors ideal for your everyday (or those extra hours in the sun this summer!).

sunscrnPreserving  mochi-hada skin (a Japanese term for soft, supple skin) is very much achievable especially with a broad-spectrum sunscreen which will ensure your skin resists the effects of harsh environmental damage! Broad Spectrum sunscreens protect from both UVA and UVB rays. Both undetectable to the naked eye, these sun rays can cause major damage for different reasons. A great way to remember the difference between these two sun rays lies in their names – UVA, for Aging, and UVB, for Burning. UVA rays cause skin damage and can result in premature aging. UVB rays also cause skin damage, but lengthy exposure will typically leave behind a burn as well. Broad Spectrum sunscreens protect from both of these damaging rays.

SPF is essential and our Daily Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++ offers all day protection and hydration. It is perfect for those seeking a sunscreen to withstand the elements. Get a head start on your summer skincare routine by picking up a Daily Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++ for 50% off at   Sephora.com until supplies last!spftrio

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. If your skin typically takes 30 minutes to redden, an SPF of 15 extends protection over your skin for 15 times longer – a little over 7 hours of protection! Most sunscreens containing an SPF of 15 or more will protect against burning. Our savviest skincare lovers enjoy using our  Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15. A favorite for many reasons, this moisturizer provides the perfect amount of protection for your day-to-day and sits beautifully beneath makeup.

Our B.B. Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA+++ is another great product containing SPF. It protects, perfects, treats and hydrates skin for a one-step solution to the morning rush. With a self-adjusting pigment and three flexible shades, it’s the perfect multi-tasking product for summer. For the delicate under-eye area, our All-In-One BB Eye Brightener SPF 20 offers broad spectrum sun protection while highlighting and treating the under-eye area.

If you could revitalize and repair your skin while shielding off harmful UV damage, would you? We make doing just that simple with  Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Besides fending off sun damage, this moisturizer packs a punch with eight powerful antioxidants to leave skin hydrated, restored and refreshed.

When you leave home this season, don’t forget your sunscreen! Even if you spend most of your time in a classroom or office, sunlight from windows and low-level UV light emitted from computer monitors can affect your skin. boscia offers sun protection for everyone! xo – boscia beauties

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May is for Multi-Masking

Masks have become a must for those seeking everyday luxury in their skin routine!  Our skin fends off pollution, dirt and impurities daily – masking gives our skin an extra line of defense against these natural aggressors. While our tried and true Japanese Cleansing Ritual leaves skin cleansed and refreshed, masks replenish and nourish for optimal skin health and radiance.

Why target one concern when you can conquer them all? Here at boscia, we love “multi-masking.” Our skin typically varies throughout. Some skin may produce more oil while others produce less, freckling and pigmentation can occur on some areas of the face and not on others. Using multiple masks allows for customized treatment on all areas of the face.

Here at boscia, our masks truly set us apart. There is a formulation for everyone with our several peel-off options, a sleeping mask, and our new Hydrogel masks. Our Luminizing Black mask changed the way the world masked when we launched it back in 2010. For all of our peel-off masks apply a thick layer, allow 20-30 minutes to dry (avoid the hairline), and peel to reveal your best skin!

Our top peel-off mask for reducing discoloration, dark spots and adding brightness is our Bright White Mask. This mask leaves skin moisturized and illuminated for a geisha-like glow! To minimize the appearance of pores, purify the skin and detox congestion we suggest our infamous Luminizing Black Mask. This mask absorbs excess oil, improves clarity and leaves skin radiant and glowing! For a refreshing dose of hydration, even the most sensitive of skin types will enjoy our Cool Blue Calming Mask. We especially love this mask during the summer to help restore moisture and cool the skin!

Are you a multi-masker?! Enjoy a FREE masking trio when you splurge on your favorite boscia must-haves. Check out this Special Offers for a limited time on our site. Below are a few multi-masking techniques to get you started. Get creative and let us know your preferred peel-off experience, we love to hear from you!

blackbluemask                mask              whitemask

XO – boscia

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Happy Mother’s Day boscia beauties!

Today we celebrate the number one influence in our lives, and show her how much she means to us. Whether it’s her unconditional support, love, or affection, mom is always there when we need a hand. Here at boscia we strive to remind ourselves that while every relationship we have is important, there is none as important as the bond we share with our mothers. To highlight how much our mothers mean to us, we’ve asked a few of our own boscia beauties what they plan on doing to celebrate with mom and show her some love.


Brie, Marketing Coordinator: My mom and I have a standing tradition where we go to Disneyland every Mother’s Day with my brother’s to celebrate. It started when I was little, and 20 years later we still enjoy all of the rides and attractions. It’s special to me because it’s a time we get to have her all to ourselves, we can forget about everyday worries, and just enjoy being with each other. She’s truly the Lorelai to my Rory, and I love that our relationship is so close. This picture is of our first Mother’s Day spent at Disneyland, and its still one of my favorite pictures of us to date.

Jennifer, Marketing Coordinator: My mom is truly someone I call my best friend. Every week, we spend time together by attending a hot yoga sesh and satisfying our sweet cravings at Starbucks with Green Tea Fraps + oatmeal cookies. She is also the most dialed number on my cell’s contact list, because checking up on each other daily is a must! This Mother’s Day, I plan to remind her just how special she is by taking her out to the Montage in Laguna Beach (her fav spot). It’s the best place to watch the sunset while sipping a cosmo, where they always prepare her drink just the way she likes it. I know that spending quality time together is the most important gift to her. So, no matter how complicated life can get, I am always sure to set time aside to enjoy each other’s company.


Kristen, Senior Marketing Associate: I’ll be hosting brunch at my house for my mom and sister (who is also a mom!). Then we’re off to a local Mother’s Day festival where the kids will play and we’ll get pampered with free massages! I also plan on spoiling my mom with the Tsubaki Collection and a Hydrogel Mask night.

photoSana, Product Development: The entire family will get together at my mom’s house, and start the day off with a delicious homemade brunch.   We make sure to incorporate her favorite dish, apple French toast.  From there, we open gifts and spend the day showering her with lots of love.  It’s a day we get to celebrate and appreciate all that she’s done, and still does for us!

Frances, Marketing Coordinator-Graphics: My mom and I are huge brunch lovers, so we will be celebrating Mother’s Day in our favorite fashion – Sunday brunch at The Cheesecake Factory. We love to explore the massive menu together and we can never say no to their delicious fruity sangria!

sarahSarah, Education & Sales: For Mother’s Day, I always love to pamper her as much as I can. This Mother’s Day, I will be treating my mom to a relaxing facial, and of course incorporating her appropriate boscia products. She loves the entire Tsubaki Collection and truly makes her skin softer, brighter and healthier. After the relaxing facial, while enjoying champagne of course, we will go have lunch together and talk for hours. Love you Mom!

Christine, Project Manager: I’ll be taking my mom to Fig & Olive in West Hollywood with my boyfriend for a Mother’s Day Brunch special! After lunch, we’re going to head to Malibu to spend the rest of the afternoon at one of my favorite places in LA: the Getty Villa! Nothing beats an afternoon pretending you’re traveling back in time to ancient Rome and Greece!

babypicwithmommyVanessa, Marketing Coordinator:I celebrate my mom on Mother’s Day by making the day all about her. I like to treat my mom to some sort of beauty treatment and lunch. It’s nice to spend the day together and catch up. Doing something like this gives us time to do just that and feel prettier and rejuvenated afterwards! My mom has done so much for me beyond the standard motherly duties – it’s important to make her feel appreciated not just on Mother’s day, but all year!



We hope you beauties have a great time celebrating with the special women who have made you what you are today. Share the love and let us know what you will be doing for Mother’s Day below.

XO – boscia

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EARTH DAY: The 5 Elements of Perfect Skin

This Earth Day, we are celebrating the five traditional Japanese elements that make up our world! Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are all represented in a revered sculpture known as Gorinto. Each element is uniquely symbolized by a different piece in the Gorinto. Do you have all of your elements covered? We suggest some of our boscia favorites to achieve a perfectly balanced skin regimen!


C214-00 tsubaki bottle_BASE

The top portion of the Gorinto varies from culture to culture. Traditionally, a blossom graces the top of the tower in Japan to represent the element “ether”. The Japanese Tsubaki (Camellia) Blossom has perfected the skin, hair and body for centuries – a geisha favorite. Our Tsubaki Beauty Oil contains our signature Tsubaki Oil blend, Wakame, and Rice Brain Oil. For “mochi-hada” (Japanese for baby-soft) skin, apply the oil directly to your face. Uniquely versatile, use on your hair for a gorgeous gleam and on the body for locked in, lasting hydration.

C700-00 Konjac Cleansing Sponge_BASE

Next lies our “air” element. The light-as-air Konjac Cleansing Sponge pays homage to the upside-down crescent shape featured as the second piece of the Gorinto sculpture. Ergonomic in shape, the crescent allows for an effective cleanse – reaching every contour of the face, including the delicate eye area. A 1,500 year old tradition, the cleansing and detoxifying powers of Konjac are no secret to Asia. 100% pure Konjac Root ensures the optimum cleanse from this small but mighty puff.

C270-01 Detoxifying Black Cleanser_BASEThings begin heating up as you reach the middle of the Gorinto – Here lies the “fire” element! For an instant warm up, cleanse with our beloved Detoxifying Black Cleanser. Activated Charcoal, Licorice Root, and Glycolic impart a warming sensation – leaving skin thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and detoxified. Ideal for all skin types, this cleanser puts the heat on congested, dull skin for a renewed, glowing complexion.

Cool Blue

Represented by a sphere, there is no better way to round out a balanced skin regimen than a blast of hydration. Surprisingly, our Cool Blue Hydrating Essence contains less than 1% of the “water” element. Your skin will enjoy the potent and deeply nourishing effects of Fermented Yeast Filtrate, DayMoist CLR and Sea Whip. A derivative of Sake production, Fermented Yeast Filtrate instantly brightens and moisturizes even the driest of skin.

B212-01 DaillyDefense_BASELast, but not least, the key to squaring off great skin over time? Take note from the cube, Earth, holding up all of the other elements – a protective sunscreen will make all the difference. Daily Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+++ provides complete UVA and UVB protection. SPF 50 PA+++ and Hyaluronic Acid protect from too much of any element, making our sunscreen a fan favorite time and time again.

All of our Earth Day suggestions are available at your local Sephora, Sephora.com and boscia.com!

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Essential Beauty Tips for a Day of Fun in the Sun!

Summer is right around the corner and we’re gearing up for some serious beach time. Here are a few beauty tips to keep you protected and energized for a day in the sun!


1. Stay protected

Take care of your skin when faced with damaging UV rays. Our Daily Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++ goes on light, but offers powerful protection in preventing premature wrinkles, skin discoloring and most importantly, sun damage. Also, be sure to protect the delicate eye area. Our All-In-One BB Eye Brightener SPF 20 brightens under-eyes, conceals imperfections, and is loaded with SPF to protect against the sun’s harsh rays.

2. Eat more fruits

They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins to improve your skin and keep you energized all day long.

3. Stay hydrated, drink more H20

Dehydration can lead to fatigue. To avoid headaches and dips in energy levels, remember to continually drink water throughout your day.

4. Dress the part

Choose outfits that are light and comfortable. Ditch dark colors and choose light colors that help you feel cool and fresh, even in the heat.

5. Take a nap

A short power nap can be refreshing after a long day of fun in the sun! The trick is to sleep for about 20 minutes (sleeping for longer can trick your body into thinking its bedtime, which will cause you to wake up even more tired). After a long day outside, take a short nap to restore energy.

And there you have it! So what activities are you planning for your day of fun and what boscia products are you taking? Drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you!

xo boscia

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