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All hands on deck!

Have you ever seen a woman who’s so nipped and tucked and perfectly slimmed/plumped in all the right places that you can scarcely tell her age… until you look at her hands? Our hands have a way of betraying age like no other parts of our bodies can. They wrinkle and sag and show sun damage and age spots – yet we can’t conveniently cover them with makeup, or botox them back to their youthful glory like we can with our foreheads.

This is why it’s a great idea to look at our hands as an investment piece – and to care for them with both today and the future in mind. That means moisturizing and protecting with SPF just as we do our faces. Fortunately, boscia‘s Daily Hand Revival Therapy SPF 15 does all this and more.

It’s got power ingredients Olive Fruit Oil  for intense moisture, Wine Yeast for softness and elasticity, Mulberry to lighten existing sun spots and prevent them in the future, and Calendula Flower to soothe and combat free radicals. The SPF 15 protection keeps the sun’s rays at bay, saving your skin from the damage it faces each day. It absorbs quickly (no waiting for a greasy hand cream to dry required), and – added bonus! – is super nourishing and softening for cuticles as well. This could just be the luxurious/functional addition to your beauty regimen that you’ve been missing!

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With a little help from my friends (& family discount!)

It’s Friends & Family Sale time at boscia, and because we absolutely consider you all to be a part of our boscia family, we want you to join in the fun! We’re offering a very exciting 20% off discount on almost everything to be had at (that includes you, Luminizing Black Mask!) This offer ends Tuesday, so be sure to stock up, replenish, or try something new. Happy shopping!

*Offer excludes kits, regimen sets and gift cards.

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Welcome to boscia’s new blog!

Welcome to the boscia blog!

Thanks so much for joining boscia on our brand new blog! We’ve been blogged about by others for years – now it’s our turn to join in the fun! We hope to help you get to know the ins and outs of the boscia brand – from our Japanese heritage, to our commitment to providing outstanding, preservative-free skincare, and the fun, passionate people behind the brand. We’ll also be offering some exclusive discounts and giveaways through the blog (something our friends on Facebook and Twitter are used to already!) 

Here’s a bit of boscia trivia to get us started. With a unique name like ours, lots of times people aren’t quite sure how to pronounce it! So we’ll set the record straight: it’s pronounced BO-sha (hear it spoken correctly HERE), and it is made from a combination of the words that make us who we are: BOtanicals, SCIence and Advanced technology. So now you know! 



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