Travel Skincare Bag for Spring Getaway!

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Travel Bag

After losing an hour of beauty sleep, spring is finally approaching! Are you ready for your spring break or a little weekend getaway to enjoy the sunshine? We are too, but before that, we should make sure our skin is well prepared and will be glowing on the trip! Today, we will be sharing with you our essentials for a travel skincare bag and some beauty tips! Always take extra care of your skin when traveling. Breakouts and flaky skin can happen more often than usual when our skin is trying to accommodate different environments. It is important that we pack the necessary product and don’t be lazy!

Cleanser: “Massage face with fingers while cleansing to prevent breakouts”

Cleansing is the most vital step. Improper cleansing clogs up pores and doesn’t allow moisturizers or treatments to absorb correctly. Always pack a cleanser that contains amino acids which does not dry out skin and retains natural moisture.

Try our Purifying Cleansing Gel with this Beauty Tip -> Cleanse your face by moving in little circular motions with fingers. Start from the edges of your skin. Then go around and work your fingers toward the center of the face. Remember to be very gentle! Many people wash their face very quickly and press too hard on the skin by using the whole palm while cleansing. This can create irritation that causes breakouts, and some of the areas may be missed. Cleansing in little circular motions make sure we don’t miss a spot on our face, and we are taking the time to gently massage the skin. Try this tip and you should notice a difference on your skin after a week!

Toner: “Glow your skin with a quick ten minute toner mask” 

Toner also provides the first layer of hydration to our skin. Beauty Tip-> Spray enough alcohol-free Balancing Facial Tonic onto 4 cotton pads (Try to stay away from alcohol based toners; they could over dry your skin). Place them on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Let them sit for 10 minutes like a simple self-made mask to let the toner soaks in. The cotton pads provide a seal in like function and force the toner to penetrate to the most inner layer of our skin, rather than just staying on the surface. Try this during your nighttime routine and before you apply makeup. Your skin will glow from inside and feel like it has drunk tons of water!

Moisturizer: “Moisturize skin every day”

Our skin tends to produce more oil when the weather starts to warm up. Oil control is especially important at this time. Oil-Free Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is therefore our go to moisturizer! This moisturizer provides weightless hydration and sun protection while absorbs the excess oil on our skin.

Cotton Pads BB CreamBathroom

B.B. Cream: “Skincare and Makeup all in one”

Rather than carrying lots of makeup, bring a B.B. Cream Light Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++! This B.B. Cream hydrates and soothes skin as a skincare product, while provides natural coverage that conceals dark spots and acne scars and makes your skin flawless like a makeup all in one!

Mask: “Hydrated skin all the time”

Put on a mask every night! Mask provides the most immediate result to our skin. Keeping our skin hydrated all the time is one of the keys in skincare; dryness can further lead to dullness, wrinkles, and breakouts. Putting on a mask every night makes sure our skin is well hydrated especially when it is trying to accommodate the change of environment.

Beauty Tip->Bring several masks since your skin may react differently under the new environment! We like to throw on a mask every night when traveling, spend more time on skincare routine, and make our skin feel luxurious when we’re in vacation mood. Hydrogel mask is our first choice! It is light to pack, doesn’t need to be rinsed, and can be tossed onto the nightstand when finish. The special 2 piece design aligns with face contours and the formula seals in for complete absorption. The marine collagen ingredient makes your skin feeling soft and firm!

Share with us what essentials you pack in your travel skincare bag or if you are excited to try our beauty tips!





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