Men’s Guide to A Simple Skincare Routine

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Men often overlook the importance of skin care or feel that having a skin care routine is too-time consuming. However, did you know that men’s skin produces more oil than that of women’s due to differences in hormones? Excess oil can lead to enlarged pores, skin impurities, and breakouts without proper care. Today, we will be sharing with you a simple, yet effective, skin care routine that any man can do!



Cleansing is the most important step in one’s skin care routine; excess dirt and oil from our everyday surrounding environment can clog pores and cause breakouts. Cleanse your face every morning and evening with boscia’s Detoxifying Black Cleanser, or try our Clear Complexion Cleanser if you have blemish-prone skin. Detoxifying Black Cleanser is a special gel cleanser that deeply cleans and dissolves impurities with Activated Charcoal, which creates a warming sensation when massaged on the skin. This cleanser also helps to minimize the appearance of pores over time. Clear Complexion Cleanser is a lightweight, refreshing cleansing gel that purifies and refines pores to maintain a clear complexion. Men Square 1Willow Bark Extract, a natural salicylic acid, gently and effectively exfoliates, while Rosemary Leaf Extract reduces inflammation from previous and current breakouts.


Always follow with toner after cleansing. Toner restores skin’s natural pH balance, helping it resist harmful bacteria. In addition, toner also provides the first layer of hydration for our skin. It is vital that we ensure our skin is well-hydrated so that it does not overcompensate for lack of moisture by producing more oil. For a quick, fuss-free toner application, try our toner sprays: the refreshing Balancing Facial Tonic naturally eliminates impurities and calms skin with Essential Lavender Water, while the soothing Clear Complexion Tonic utilizes Willow Bark Extract to gently clarify, purify, and refine pores, without irritation.


Complete your daily skin care routine with a moisturizer. Moisturizer not only moisturizes skin, but also seals in the first layer of hydration applied with toner. Because men’s skin produces more oil than that of women’s, an oil-free moisturizer is ideal. Apply our Oil-free Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in the morning and Oil-free Nightly Hydration in the evening. These moisturizers provide weightless hydration while helping to combat excess oil produced by the skin. It is very important to apply a moisturizer with sun protection in the morning, because damaging UV rays can cause skin dryness, discoloration, and even cancer.

As you can see, a skin care routine does not need to be a time-consuming task or made of complicated steps. Try our simple three-step routine daily, and let us know how it works for you!

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