Prep Your Skin with Our Sake Skin Care Primer!

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Do you feel that your skin is not absorbing all of the toners, essences, serums, and moisturizers you apply on your face? Our Sake Treatment Water may be your solution! Sake Treatment Water is an innovative, unique skin care product from boscia – it acts as a “primer” for other skin care products, allowing the skin to effectively absorb and maximize their treatment benefits. In addition, it also provides long-term hydration, brightens your complexion, and is lightweight enough to be used by all skin types!

Sake Treatment Water differs from an essence; an essence is a skin care product that contains one extremely amplified ingredient that targets a specific concern, such as hydration. It is especially beneficial for dry and dull skin types. Apply Sake Treatment Water before your essence to allow your skin to optimally reap its benefits!


  • Rich in Thioredoxin, an ingredient known to improve skin barrier function, water content, and firmness. Thioredoxin also reduces wrinkles, brightens, and protects the skin against aging, dullness, hyperpigmentation, loss of water and elasticity, and numerous bio-stressors, including oxidation
  • Contains numerous vitamins and minerals, providing powerful hydration and brightening benefits

Sake Treatment Water Square

Vitamin B3

  • Improves skin’s elasticity, enhances its barrier function, and erases discoloration
  • Revives skin’s healthy complexion and texture to prepare skin for greater absorption of additional products


Sodium Hyaluronate

  • Hydrates as it penetrates into the skin
  • Supports skin’s ability to attract and retain moisture


To use our Sake Treatment Water, pump the product once or twice onto your palm after cleansing, but before toning. Then, gently press and massage onto face to activate the formula. Follow this step with toner, serum, moisturizer, or additional treatment products. Sake Treatment Water can be used every morning and night.

Do you want to maximize your toner, essence, serum, and moisturizer’s benefits? Try our skin care “primer”, Sake Treatment Water, to prep, hydrate, and brighten your skin today!







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