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Happy Holi-DO’s!

It’s officially here – the holiday season is in full swing, and no, we can’t believe it either (where does the time go??) Regardless, it’s a time of year when routines get thrown to the wind, and traveling, feasting, partying and parking space hunting become the new norm! Fortunately, boscia has got you covered in some of the stickiest skin situations the season can throw at you:

Party Hopping: Your best friend is throwing her annual holiday fête on Friday night, and so is your sister-in-law. And your neighbor. All of which follow your office’s bad sweater party.

Holi-DO: Party hop! Everyone gets a piece of your day, and you hit all the expected hot spots in style (for an hour or two – then off to the next!) This is where Skin Perfecting Primer is an absolute MUST – it flawlessly prevents makeup from sliding and shifting, all while reducing the appearance of pores for a silky, matte finish. You’ll look like you JUST touched up, even while running out the door to the next event… “Got to goooo!”

Cozy fires. And heaters. And sweaters. And candles. Warmth! The season is all about warmth. Sometimes a little TOO much warmth.

Holi-DO: If you find yourself roasting like a chestnut while nestled on the couch next to Aunt Hilda’s itchy wool cardigan (the one with the caroling snowmen), make sure you have a Blotting Linen within arm’s reach – you’re going to need it (we like to help you keep the holiday glow inside your heart, and not dripping down your face). Just a few blots with these natural linen fiber sheets will instantly absorb excess oil (and perspiration!) without disturbing your makeup one tiny bit! (Unfortunately we can’t say the same for the snowman sweater).

Snow. Sleet. Rain. Frost. It’s freezing outside. It’s December for goodness sakes! Okay, fine, in some parts of the country that are not Southern California, cold is actually a “thing” during this time of year. boscia can still help!

Holi-DO: Let’s start by thawing out that frosty face with our new Detoxifying Black Cleanser, a warming cleansing gel that actually heats up as it cleanses, melting away impurities and refining pores. Then, replace the moisture in that dry, cracked skin, using our Restorative Day Moisture Cream SPF 15 (because SPF is always a must, winter or not!) This rich, luxurious moisturizer gives your skin the drink it desperately needs, while also diminishing uneven skintone, dullness and fine lines (also check out its PM counterpart, Restorative Night Moisture Cream!)

Eyelash glue. Glitter. Long-wear lipstick. (Get it all off me so I can go to bed). The holiday festivities may sometimes call for a face of makeup rivaling Toddlers and Tiaras, but if you fall asleep in that glam face, you just might wake up with a spot the next day brighter than Rudolph’s red nose (for which you should use our Willow Bark Breakout Treatment. But we digress…)

Holi-DO: MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil is your answer! Apply it dry on top of your makeup (eyes included!), massage it in, work in some water with your fingertips, and rinse away clean. You won’t believe the heavy-duty makeup this wonder-oil can cut through – and without leaving one drop of residue or oily sensation left over. Your skin is fresh, cleansed, and ready to do it all over again the next day! (see: Party Hopping).

That’s it for now! Remember, if you shop by December 19, you can take your pick of our Skin Perfecting Primer, Restorative Day Moisture Cream SPF 15, or Travel Kit for Normal to Oily Complexions with your purchase! (See here for promo code information).

And from the entire team at bosciaHappy Holi-DO’s!

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This just in!

boscia‘s stocking stuffer sets are here, but blink and they’ll be gone! For one day each over the next three days, three online-exclusive stocking stuffer sets will be available FREE with your purchase – while supplies last! Today’s set features travel sizes of perennial favorites Purifying Cleansing Gel and Recharging Night Moisture, as well as a gentle exfoliating facial brush – the perfect size to stuff in a stocking (or keep!)

Check back again tomorrow and Saturday at for the latest sets – the promotion codes will only be valid until midnight each day!

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Introducing the HOTTEST new cleanser around (+ a giveaway!)

The Detoxifying Black Cleanser is here, and without a doubt, this warming cleansing gel is the hottest new thing on the market! The perfect complement to the rest of boscia‘s black product line (including the cult-favorite Luminizing Black Mask and the cooling new Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel), this cleanser dissolves pore-clogging impurities, oil and makeup as it refines skin texture, brightens skin clarity and minimizes the look of pores over time.

The star ingredients in this ultra-luxe cleanser include the following:

Artichoke Leaf Extract improves elasticity to help tighten pore walls.
Charcoal draws out excess oil and impurities as it detoxifies.
Glycolic Acid helps clarify skin and smooth rough texture.
Vitamin C helps brighten skintone and minimize fine lines as it defends from free radical damage.

The Detoxifying Black Cleanser is being sold only at, until it launches next month exclusively at Sephora stores and on To celebrate this launch, boscia is giving away three Detoxifying Black Cleansers to three commenters on this post! One comment per person, please, and the contest closes at 5 PM PST on Wednesday, December 7. Best of luck!

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Good Habits

What’s your habit?

If it’s shopping, you may want to check out, an exclusive fashion sale site offering up to 60% off hand-picked selections from designer and boutique brands. The announcement of the day is that will now be offering a carefully-selected range of beauty products in limited quantities at very attractive discounts. The launch is being kicked off by a selection of brands curated by none other than Eva Chen, Teen Vogue editor and sophisticate of all things social media and style. We were beyond thrilled to be included!

For only $54, you get $108 worth of boscia products – an entire regimen including the Purifying Cleansing Gel, Recharging Night Moisture, Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment and Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C. The quantities are very limited, so order yours while you can! With free shipping and free returns, you simply can’t go wrong with this habit.

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Buzzzing about Clarisonic!

Here at boscia, we’re crazy about Clarisonic! This must-have skincare tool helps you get the very most out of your daily cleansing routine by by removing six times more makeup and two times more dirt and oil than cleansing with hands alone, according to Sephora. So imagine our delight when we were invited to be a part of the cutest kit to hit shelves this holiday – the Clarisonic Mia Cleansing System, available in berry (shown below) and white! Each option comes with a full-size bottle of our well-loved Purifying Cleansing Gel – the absolute perfect partner for the Clarisonic’s pore-perfecting cleansing power. At only $119 (with a $199 value!) this set is an excellent holiday gift – maybe even for yourself! Be sure to pick yours up at or at a Sephora store before they sell out!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from your friends at boscia! As you can see, the annual costume contest is in full swing! Will it be Tippi Hedren, the T-Mobile Zombie, Guitar Hero Girl, the Oompa Loompa, the Adorable Policewoman or Nicki Minaj? Competition is fierce, but one thing’s for sure – we will all be cleansing with MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil tonight!!

Check out Facebook for more photos as well as frightful pictures from last year’s costume contest!

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Makeup removal… boscia style!

Do you equate makeup removal with greasy oils and creams, cotton pads, and lots of rubbing and scrubbing? Raw, red eyelids and bits of leftover makeup? What a nightmare! We are SO thrilled that there is a better way. Our MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil is an all-in-one cleansing and makeup removal solution that eliminates scrubbing, greasy residue, and most of all – makeup. Problem solved!

Yes, it really is this refreshing!

This cleanser gets applied to dry skin first  – it works its magic best when it can directly contact the makeup without water getting in the way. It is gentle enough that direct application to the eyes is no problem – it quickly lifts the makeup (even waterproof!) off the skin and lashes and absorbs it into the oil.

After massaging it across your entire face (notice how it glides and provides a cushion between the fingers and the skin), add a bit of water and continue massaging to emulsify the oil. As the oil begins to turn white, the makeup removal and cleansing process is complete, and the face can be rinsed with a washcloth. Skin is clean, soft and refreshed – with not a bit of oily, greasy residue left behind. What a truly different experience from the harsh, unpleasant process that makeup removal used to be!

Want to see for yourself? Stop by your local Sephora or ULTA store and ask for a sample of boscia‘s MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil to take home and try!

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So refined!

Looking for that special something to revive your skin for fall? boscia‘s Skin Refining Treatment is truly an all-over skin improver. It renews moisture, minimizes the appearance of pores, and helps to even out skin tone – and can be layered underneath moisturizer both day and night. For a very limited time, boscia is offering this wonder treatment (a $48 value) FREE with your purchase of $35 or more at! Use promo code “refined” at checkout to add this beauty wonder to your regimen!

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Dressing for fall

We love fall!Here at boscia HQ, we love when the weather starts to feel a bit more cold and crisp – it means our fall wardrobes (that get so little use in the perpetual summer that is Orange County) will finally see the light of day! But our skin also needs a change of wardrobe as the weather starts to turn. Skin that was once oily in the summer’s heat can snap with the cold into a dryer state, and need more nourishing care.

Does your skincare fluxuate with the seasons? If you’re an Oil-free Daily Hydration SPF 15 user, give our Vital Daily Moisture SPF 15 a try if you find that fall and winter weather tend to make you more dry. For evenings, Recharging Night Moisture can do the trick for overnight replenishment with an added anti-aging boost.

And for dry skin that gets even dryer with the cold, our Restorative Collection – including Restorative Day Moisture Cream SPF 15 and Restorative Night Moisture Cream – provides an even richer level of hydration (along with firming and brightening benefits!) that parched skin will gladly drink up – resulting in a dramatic difference to radiance, texture and tone.

The Restorative Collection

The Restorative Collection

Finally, for a makeup removal and cleansing routine that comforts and soothes, use our Soothing Cleansing Cream – an ultra-gentle cleanser that nourishes the skin with a cushion of moisture, and rinses away clean – taking makeup and impurities with it.

If you’re looking to test out a new, richer cleanser or moisturizer for the season, remember that you can stop into any Sephora or ULTA store and request that a custom sample be made for you to take home and try before you buy. And as always, you can call boscia at 1.888.635.8884 with any questions about what skincare products are right for you. Happy fall!

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Favorite Things! by Alyssa

Today’s “Favorite Things” selection is curated by our fabulous Director of Marketing, Alyssa!

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