Weightless Summer Hydration

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Whenever your body temperature increases by one degree, sebum secretion increases by 10 percent. This explains why your skin tends to produce more oil during summer than any other season. As a result, you may think you can skip applying moisturizer when the weather is hot and sticky; however, it is important to continue to keep your skin well-hydrated, no matter which season it is! Our Oil-free Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is perfect for these warmer months – this moisturizer provides skin with non-greasy, weightless hydration and sun protection, all while controlling excess oil!

These ingredients prevent shine, reduce the appearance of pores, and maintain skin’s elasticity!

Silica Powder and Burdock Root

  • Absorb excess oil and prevent shine throughout the day
  • Refine the appearance of pores and provide a matte, smooth finish to skin
  • Burdock Root also offers antibacterial benefitsOil free daily square

Wine Yeast Extract

  • Provides powerful antioxidant benefits, protects cells from damaging UV light, and maintains skin’s normal moisture balance

Marine Complex

  • A complex of Algae Extract that prevents premature aging by repairing existing skin damage and protecting from new damage caused by environmental stress and UV rays
  • Maintains skin’s elasticity and tone

SPF 15 UVA/UVB Sunscreen (Broad Spectrum Sunscreen)

  • Contains Octinoxate, a chemical sunscreen that absorbs UVB radiation to prevent skin damage
  • Also contains Avobenzone (Parsol 1789), a chemical sunscreen that absorbs UVA radiation to prevent skin damage

After cleansing and toning your skin in the morning, apply Oil-free Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 15 liberally to face with fingertips, at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Have you skipped applying your moisturizer this summer? Try our Oil-free Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 15 today to provide light hydration and protect your skin from potential UV damage!

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After-Sun Skincare Tips!

After sun main.jpg

Now that it’s officially summer, do you find yourself spending more time outdoors? We all know the importance of applying protection before sun exposure, yet after-sun skincare is just as necessary. Today, we will share our after-sun skincare beauty tips with you!

1. Soothe and Calm SkinCombine After Sun

After sun exposure, your skin becomes warm and mildly red. To soothe and calm irritation, spritz your face with our Balancing Facial Tonic! This refreshing alcohol-free spray toner is infused with lavender water to not only help to soothe skin, but also provide hydration and restore skin’s natural pH balance. For additional skin-calming benefits, apply cucumber slices and aloe onto troubled areas. Both cucumber and aloe have the ability to calm inflammation and encourage healing in skin.

2. Deeply Rehydrate from the Inside Out

When you expose your body to the sun and begin to sweat, water content in your cells start to deplete, potentially leading to dehydration. Therefore, it is important to deeply rehydrate from the inside out after being outdoors. This can be done two ways: one, by drinking plenty of water, and two, by applying your favorite boscia moisturizer and/or mask! Our Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask is the perfect way to rehydrate skin after prolonged sun exposure. This hydrogel mask contains tsubaki (camellia) oil to deliver moisture deep within skin, leaving it replenished while reducing inflammation.

3. Avoid Deep Cleansing Pores and Exfoliation

Because your skin is fragile and sensitive after sun exposure, avoid deep cleansing pores and exfoliating to prevent it from tearing. Instead, focus your skincare routine on soothing, calming, and rehydrating skin.

4. Brighten and Fight Dark Spots

After ensuring that your skin is soothed, calmed, and well-hydrated, begin fighting off possible dark spots and uneven skin tone caused by UV rays with products that reduce these concerns. Our Sake Collection features the finest grade of sake to increase hydration, minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and brighten your complexion!

What are some of your beauty tips for after-sun skincare? Share them with us today!

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Have You Exfoliated Today?

Tsubaki Power Main

Accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin can lead to rough texture, clogged pores, and a dull-looking complexion. This debris can also prevent your skincare products from penetrating deep into the skin. Thus, regular exfoliation is necessary to remove this build-up! Our Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder is a thorough, yet extremely gentle, exfoliating powder that effectively removes debris and oil from pores, instantly revealing smoother, brighter, and baby-soft skin while providing long-term deeply hydrating and anti-aging benefits. It’s also gentle enough to use every day and suitable for all skin types!

These ingredients not only provide deep hydration, but they also rebalance oil and promote circulation within skin!

Adzuki Beans

  • Grown throughout Eastern Asia, they possess naturally mild exfoliating properties that remove dead skin cells and debris from pores
  • Promote circulation and soothe skin
  • Antioxidant-rich with saponins, which stimulate skin’s immune system

Rice Bran Powder

  • Possesses gentle exfoliating benefits and absorbs debris from poresTsubaki Square
  • Dissolves and rebalances excess oil
  • Contains tocotrienols to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

Tsubaki (Camellia) Oil

  • Firms, hydrates, and protects skin against free-radical damage
  • Possesses comparable antioxidant properties to Vitamin C and acts as an anti-aging moisturizing ingredient
  • Increases collagen synthesis and inhibits collagenase production, the enzyme that can contribute to collagen breakdown
  • Contains Omega-6 and Omega-9, which act as skin penetrating enhancers to provide thorough exfoliation and deep hydrating benefits

Apply Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder onto clean, damp skin. For more exfoliation, mix with less water to create a thicker paste; for less exfoliation, add more water. Then, massage the paste onto skin in gentle, circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Finally, rinse well with warm water and pat dry. Follow with your favorite boscia moisturizer.

Prior to usage, don’t forget to remove plug on top of the bottle and place it back after each use to prevent water from entering.

Beauty Tips -> Mix Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder with Tsubaki Beauty Oil instead of water to give your skin additional hydrating benefits while exfoliating. For an all-in-one exfoliating cleanse, mix Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder with Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel!

What are some of your beauty tips for exfoliating? Share them with us today!

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Skincare Tips for 20s, 30s, 40s!


Your skin encounters different concerns at every age. For example, in your 20s, you may have dealt with oily skin, but now, during your 30s, you may be experiencing more dryness. Therefore, it is important to continually adjust your skincare routine and products to remedy the appropriate concerns for your age!


In your 20s, sebaceous (oil-secreting) glands are very active. As a result, blackheads, 203040Combineenlarged pores, and acne are common skin concerns for people in this age range. Individuals in their 20s should incorporate skincare products that focus on deep cleansing pores and treating acne to maintain a clean, clear, and healthy complexion. Our Clear Complexion Cleanser and Clear Complexion Treatment are two products that do just that. Clear Complexion Cleanser is a lightweight, refreshing cleansing gel, infused with willow bark and rosemary extracts, that thoroughly cleanses and purifies pores. It also contains natural antibacterial benefits and helps balance sebum production in skin. Clear Complexion Treatment is a highly effective treatment gel that helps prevent future breakouts and minimize dark spots, including acne scarring. Lastly, your 20s are a great time to begin introducing masks to your skincare routine. Our Charcoal Pore Pudding is a unique, two-part purifying mask powered by black and white charcoal. The activated black bamboo charcoal detoxifies pores, while the binchotan white charcoal powder moisturizes and balances skin by increasing hydration.


During your 30s, your skin begins to produce less oil and retain less water, causing it to become dry and dehydrated. This is the perfect time to start using products that are not only deeply hydrating, but also anti-aging. Our Tsubaki Beauty Oil is infused with tsubaki (camellia) oil, wakame (Japanese sea kelp), and rice bran oil to hydrate and protect against free-radical damage and pre-mature signs of aging. For masking in your 30s, our Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask is the perfect product to help deliver moisture deep into skin. It reduces moisture loss and leaves your skin feeling replenished, supple, and baby-soft!


As you age, your skin not only produces less oil, but it also begins to produce less collagen, the protein that holds your skin together. During your 40s, wrinkles and loss of firmness can be attributed to a decrease in collagen. This is also the time when dark spots caused by aging start to appear. Those in their 40s should create a skincare routine that prioritizes improving firmness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizing dark spots. Our Wakame Firming Hydrogel Mask contains potent anti-aging wakame and brown seaweed to replenish protein and stimulate collagen production, thereby preventing wrinkles and loss of firmness. In addition, our gel-textured moisturizer, Sake Balm, “bounces” skin’s hydration, brightness, and elasticity back with its ingredients of the highest quality grade Sake, glycolic acid, and Vitamin C.

Is your skincare routine targeting the concerns you face at your age? Don’t forget to adjust your routines and products to maintain a glowing, healthy complexion in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond!

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NEW! Sake Bright White Mask: Peel to Reveal Bright, Hydrated Skin!

Bright White Mask - Main.jpg

Are you concerned about discolored spots here and there on your face? These “spots” are known as hyperpigmentation; they are formed from an increase in melanin production in skin, caused by excessive exposure to UV rays, dark spots due to aging, and even skin injuries (i.e. acne) that lead to scarring. Peel these skin concerns away and reveal visibly even skin tone and minimized hyperpigmentation with our new, brightening Sake Bright White Mask! This mask instantly moisturizes and plumps dull, dehydrated skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

These ingredients brighten skin, minimize age spots, and provide an anti-wrinkle effect!

boscia Peel-Off Mask Innovation

  • Provides “gap-free” delivery of treatment into skin, giving immediate benefits and long-term results
  • Peel-off removal provides extra refinement of skin texture

Sake book

  • Derived from Sake manufacturing; a time-honored and time-tested practice in Japan
  • Vitamin and mineral-rich, it immediately increases hydration and brightness in skin
  • Absorbs with no greasy residue, leaving skin soft, smooth, and silky

Sea Fern Algae Extract

  • Reduces melanin production to minimize age spots and hyperpigmentation

Stay C-50

  • A stable pro-vitamin C that provides a superior brightening effect and maximizes collagen production
  • Prevents and minimizes melanin synthesis while reducing UV damage

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide (Matrixyl ™3000)

  • Provides a visible anti-wrinkle and lifting effect
  • Activates the process of extracellular matrix renewal by stimulating cell renewal and boosting collagen production

To use our Sake Bright White Mask, apply a thick, opaque, even layer to clean, dry skin. Avoid the eye area, eyebrows, hairline, and lips. Leave on for 30 minutes or until completely dry. Then, gently peel the mask off, starting from the outer edges of your face, and rinse off any residue with warm water. Follow with your favorite boscia moisturizer. Use Sake Bright White Mask once or twice a week.

Peel away hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and dullness and reveal brighter and more moisturized skin today with Sake Bright White Mask!


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Discover Our New, One-Step Sake Cleansing Water!

Cleansing Water Main

Do you find yourself too lazy to remove your makeup and wash your face at the end of the day? With your busy schedule, you need skin care products that are effective, but also efficient, so that you can have more time for important things in your day, like sleep. Our new Sake Cleansing Water is the perfect answer to your skin care routine. This no-rinse cleansing water removes makeup, dirt, and impurities, while offering treatment benefits in just one easy step! Its luxurious milky formula leaves your skin clean, bright, and well-hydrated – all without a sink!

These unique ingredients increase hydration, reduce hyperpigmentation, and improve skin texture:

Unfiltered Sake

  • Derived from Sake manufacturing; a time-honored and time-tested practice in Japan
  • Vitamin and mineral-rich, it immediately increases hydration and brightness in skin
  • Absorbs with no greasy residue, leaving skin soft, smooth, and silkySake Square

Glycolic Acid

  • An alpha hydroxy acid that clarifies skin and reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
  • Improves skin texture by accelerating the exfoliation process on the upper epidermis layer

Rice Powder

  • Gently cleanses and refines skin
  • Aids in hydrating and brightening skin, leaving it smooth and supple

Use Sake Cleansing Water to cleanse, hydrate, and treat your skin. First, shake the product well. Next, press down on the pump with a cotton round to dispense desired amount. Apply the cotton round directly onto dry skin in circular motions to thoroughly remove makeup and cleanse your face, neck, and décolleté. No need to rinse. If desired, follow with your treatment and moisturizer.

Tired of going through your entire skin care routine after a long day? Try our new, no-rinse Sake Cleansing Water today to remove makeup, cleanse, and treat skin in just one simple step!


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What is Skin’s pH Level?

Balancing Facial Tonic Main

When it comes to skincare, the term “pH level” is often heard. But what exactly does skin’s pH level mean? Skin’s pH level measures its hydrogen concentration and on a scale ranging from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. A pH level below 7 is acidic, and a pH level above 7 is considered alkaline. The ideal balanced pH level for skin is 5.5 – slightly acidic to help retain skin’s natural moisture and provide protection. When skin is too acidic, you tend to breakout more easily. On the other hand, when skin is too alkaline, you often see dry patches. Our Balancing Facial Tonic is a soothing and refreshing alcohol-free spray tonic that hydrates and restores skin’s natural pH balance!

These ingredients maintain skin’s natural moisture balance while firming and refining the appearance of pores!

Essential Lavender Watertonic square 1

  • A natural antiseptic that eliminates impurities, refines the appearance of pores, and soothes skin
  • Rebalances skin’s pH level for maximum product absorption, treatment benefits, and optimal results


  • A protein-rich amino acid that improves and maintains skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Relieves dryness, leaving skin soft and supple

Rosemary Leaf Extract

  • An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient that firms skin and visibly reduces the appearance of pores
  • Possesses natural antibacterial benefits and aids in circulation

During your morning and evening skin care routine, mist Balancing Facial Tonic directly onto face after cleansing. You can also carry it in your bag to give yourself a quick pick-me-up or immediate hydration, anytime and anywhere!


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